Things To Do In Bodrum

Things To Do In Bodrum10-02-2021
Things To Do In BodrumThings To Do
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Things To Do In Bodrum

Things To Do In Bodrum

Bodrum Beaches

Swimming in crystal clear waters is one of the most popular activities in Bodrum, which hosts millions of visitors every summer. In Bodrum, which has many beautiful beaches, you can spend time with your family and friends in cool waters or enjoy the day while sunbathing. We can list the most popular of Bodrum beaches as follows:

  • Bitez Yahşi
  • Türkbükü
  • Çökertme
  • Gümbet
  • Gümüşlük
  • Karaincir
  • Kadıkalesi Beaches 

Some of Bodrum beaches are free to enter, while others are paid because different facilities manage them. What they all have in common is great spots for swimming and sunbathing. 

You can reach all beaches of Bodrum by public transportation, or you can rent a car. Many of these beaches host thousands of visitors every day due to their unique beauty. Therefore, they are crowded beaches. If you want to enjoy this beautiful sea in quiet places, you should prefer coves, islands, and beaches that can only be reached by boat. You can enjoy this privilege by participating in Bodrum boat tours or rent private boats for your family and friends to explore the calm, clean, and natural beauty of Bodrum Bays & Islands. For this reason, you should try Bodrum Boat Tours that visit lovely bays.

Best Things to Do in Bodrum

Bodrum is a very suitable place for nature activities and walks with its wonderful nature and clean air. You can discover unique spots by taking walks in the city centre or experience different adventures by participating in Bodrum daily tours. By doing Bodrum Daily excursions on your own, you can walk through the cute and narrow streets and get lost among the beautiful white houses and colourful flowers. You can also visit traditional boutique shops to buy souvenirs and immortalize all these beautiful moments by photographing them with your camera or smartphone. 

If you are interested in historic buildings and ruins, it is possible to have a Bodrum cultural holiday. There are various places you can visit in Bodrum, which has many historic places and structures. We can list the most important historical points of Bodrum as follows:

  • Picasa (in Konacık neighbourhood)
  • Myndos Gate
  • Halicarnassus
  • The remains of the ancient city of Bargilya (in Güllük neighbourhood)
  • Bodrum Castle (in the centre)
  • The Museum of Underwater Archeology (inside of Castle)
  • Antique Theatre (at the hill of Göktepe Mountain)
  • The Ottoman Shipyard (at the north of port)
  • The remains of the tomb of Carian Satrap Mausolos 

Depending on your hotel's location in Bodrum, we recommend you visit a few of these ancient spots. In this way, you have the opportunity to experience different activities other than going to the beach and swimming.

Bodrum Daily Tours

You can crown your Bodrum vacation by participating in beautiful daily Bodrum tours. If you want to experience a fully filled holiday by exploring different Bodrum points with expert guides, you can contact us and learn the Daily Tour in Bodrum that suits you best. We can list the most popular of these tours as follows:

  • Bodrum Boat Trip (You can visit beautiful Bodrum Bays & Islands and swim in clear waters.)
  • Bodrum Buggy Safari & Quad Safari (By joining these tours, you can spend an adventurous day in Bodrum Forests.)
  • Bodrum Diving Tour (You can explore the underwater world with our expert divers.)
  • Bodrum Jeep Safari (You can get lost in untouched nature by driving through dusty roads.)
  • Bodrum Greek Islands Tours (By participating in these tours, you can visit the uniquely beautiful islands of neighbouring Greece       and have a multicultural holiday.)
  • Bodrum Rafting Tour (You can go on an adventurous journey on the Dalaman River, one of the most popular rafting routes in the   world.)
  • Bodrum Turkish Bath (You can refresh your skin by tasting the traditional Turkish bath culture and relax with massages.)
  • Bodrum Turkish Night (You can experience different Turkish traditions together with delicious dishes.)
  • Bodrum Turgutreis Market (You can visit the traditional Turkish market and buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones by   participating in this tour.)
  • Bodrum Village Tour (You can move away from Bodrum beaches and sea for a while and visit natural habitats.)
  • Bodrum Ephesus Tour (On this tour, you can go back in time by travelling.)
  • Bodrum Catamaran Club (You can experience the most magnificent of colourful Bodrum nights on an elite catamaran boat in the   middle of the Mediterranean.)

Apart from these daily tours, by joining Dalyan and Pamukkale Tours for a daily excursion or stay overnight, you can discover the unique beauties and experience an unforgettable holiday experience beyond the borders of Bodrum.

Placec to Visit in Bodrum

Bodrum Castle

  • Bodrum Castle is among the places you should see on your Bodrum holiday with its historical and aesthetic texture. There is also an Underwater Archeology Museum in Bodrum Castle, which can be seen from many Bodrum points. Bodrum Castle, where you can photograph the most beautiful view of Bodrum due to its location has also been awarded the best museum in Europe in the past years.

Bodrum Bazaar

  • Bodrum has a small but pleasant bazaar. We recommend you to visit the Bodrum Bazaar in the evening, where you can buy special handmade items such as Bodrum-specific woven products and ornaments. From here, you can take a walk to Bodrum Marina and make your trip enjoyable.


  • Türkbükü is the tourist area of ​​Bodrum, and it has lovely beaches, restaurants and pubs. Many famous night clubs of Bodrum are located here.


  • After Bodrum centre, Turgutreis is the most active and crowded region of Bodrum. Turgutreis, which has many beautiful marinas, also has a famous bazaar. Turgutreis is one of the places where you can watch the sunset in Bodrum.


  • Gümüşlük is a very mystical place where you can eat the most delicious fish and seafood products of Bodrum. There are pleasant fish restaurants in this small bay. It has a beautiful and clear sea. Like Turgutreis, the sunset view is worth seeing here.

Yalıkavak Marina

  • Yalıkavak Marina is one of the most elite and magnificent places in Bodrum. It is a region where world-famous shops and extremely luxurious yachts are located. Yalıkavak is also one of the greenest places in Bodrum. There are many bars and restaurants in Yalıkavak Marina, where you can take wonderful scenery photos.

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