Things To Do In Marmaris

Things To Do In Marmaris15-03-2021
Things To Do In MarmarisThings To Do
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Things To Do In Marmaris

Things To Do In Marmaris

Besides having unique beauty, Marmaris is a tourist destination where many activities can be done. As Marmaris is popular with summer tourism, there are many things to do in Marmaris, such as visiting magnificent bays and beaches, doing extreme sports.

Marmaris Beaches

Exploring the beaches in Marmaris is one of the best things to do in the city. Marmaris beaches, consist of golden yellow and soft sand. The most famous beaches of Marmaris are Central Public Uzunyalı Beach, Içmeler Beach and Turunc Beach. It is possible to reach these beaches by public transport or private vehicles. These beaches are located at the centre of Marmaris or close to it.

The Public Beach is located in the centre of Marmaris and is 4 km long. As the entrance is free, this is the most crowded beach. Uzunyalı Beach starts just after the Public Beach. Entrance to the beach is free, but you have to pay a small amount if you want to rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There are cafes, restaurants, and bars around the beach to supply all your needs. Içmeler Beach is approximately 7-8 km away from Marmaris. If you are looking for a slightly quieter beach, this is the right choice for you. There are also many activities and facilities on Içmeler Beach. It is a beach that is more preferred by families and combined with green nature. Turunc Beach is the furthest but cleanest beach among these beaches. It is more than 20 km far from the centre of Marmaris. Turunc Beach is a spotless beach awarded with a blue flag.

Except for these beaches, there are also many beautiful beaches and coves outside the centre that you cannot drive by car. You can reach these beaches and caves by joining the Marmaris boat tours which is the best boat tour in the world.! For this reason, one of the things to do in Marmaris is a boat tour. You can attend the tour at any time of the day and have the opportunity to swim and visit the unique bays. Some of these beaches are; Paradise Island, Phosphorous Cave, Aquarium Bay, Kumlubuk Bay, Amos, Cleopatra Beach, Orhaniye Kizkumu Beach, Ciftlik Beach and Boncuk Bay.

One of the must-see places in Marmaris is Dalyan. You can reach Dalyan with boat tours from Marmaris and visit the rivers, tombs, and ancient ruins in this region. Another important reason to go to Dalyan is Iztuzu Beach. Iztuzu Beach, also known as the Turtle Beach, is the endangered Caretta caretta turtles' natural habitat. If you are on your lucky day, you can see these turtles go ashore to lay their eggs and take pictures to immortalize this moment. You can also take a mud bath in Dalyan.

Watersports and Extreme Sports Activity in Marmaris

Marmaris is suitable for different types of activities such as water sports and extreme sports. Whatever you want to do, many pleasing activities are waiting for you. If you are an adrenaline seeker, you should try some of them. Scuba diving, Rafting, Jet-skiing, riding a speed boat, Banana ride, Fly board, Windsurfing, Waterskiing are the most popular water sports that can be done in Marmaris.

You can attend exciting dives in Marmaris underwater caves, go rafting against rivers, surf over the sea waves, ride the jet-skiing... More than 100 water sports and extreme sports wait for you in Marmaris.

Besides water sports, Marmarisalso offers every tourist the chance to experience breathtaking extreme sports. You can get lost in the fields on an ATV safari. You can go hiking in the mysterious mountain forests. You can visit the surrounding villages by participating in Jeep Safari tours. If you dare, you can enter the narrowest caves. If you want to experience more excitement and have a brave heart, you can paraglide by watching the wonderful view of Marmaris from the sky.

In addition to these activities and sports, Marmaris is a perfect holiday destination for shopping addicts. You can find a wide variety of products such as jewellery, bags, shoes and watches at very affordable prices here. Marmaris contains many shopping stores and traditional markets. Whether you're buying a gift or a valuable item, you can be sure to find what you're looking for. As in every city of Turkey, Marmaris also has a very popular grand bazaar. In this grand bazaar, people sell the traditional product of Turkey. You can buy many products such as tea, spices, ceramics and carpets at affordable prices.

Night Life in Marmaris

As Marmaris is a fun holiday destination, the nightlife is as active as the daytime. There are many bars and clubs where you can have fun and celebrate your special days. These bars and clubs are open and crowded till midnight. Music, dance, laser shows, and foam parties are indispensable for Marmaris nightlife. Uzunyalı and Bar Street are the most active areas of Marmaris evenings.

Places to Visit in Marmaris

  • Dancing Fountain: This show takes place at night and lasts about half an hour. Coloured lights move in harmony with the rhythm of the music. The show attracts a large crowd as it is free.
  • Dalyan: Dalyan is a region located between the river bank and the sea. It is a frequently visited place with activities such as boat trips, Ancient ruin trips, and visits to the turtle beach. Also, there are many restaurants with delicious Turkish dishes.
  • Marmaris Marina: Marmaris Marina is where the yachts and boats lined up along the pier in Marmaris Center. You can have a nice walk looking at the boats, or have dinner on one of the ships.
  • Marmaris National Park: Marmaris National Park is an amazing natural place where you can see many tree species and all shades of green. You can rest and relax in Marmaris National Park. This park even offers the opportunity to camp in permitted areas.
  • Castle and Museum: In addition to Marmaris's colourful and entertaining life, there are also historical places and cultural heritage. Marmaris Castle is one of this heritage. Castle of Marmaris takes place on a peninsula between the marina and the coast. It was built in the 1700s. Nowadays, the castle houses an archaeological museum with artefacts from the Stone Age period. You can visit and learn about the history of the town by visiting Marmaris Castle and its museum.
  • Marmaris Mountains: Did you know that Marmaris's nature and forests are as beautiful as the Sea of Marmaris? Marmaris Mountains offer visitors a green habitat, many types of trees and waterfalls. Hiking or exploring the mountain should be one of the most attractive activities in Marmaris. Some agencies even organize a jeep safari tour through the pinewood.
  • Köyceğiz Lake: Köyceğiz Lake is one of Turkey's largest lagoon. Köyceğiz Lake, which is 50 km away from Marmaris, is known for its magnificent view and silence. Since the lake contains both fresh and saltwater, it contains a wide variety of fish species. It is one of the must-see places during your trip to Marmaris. You can visit Köyceğiz Lake by bus and tours departing from the city centre.

Why should I visit Marmaris?


  • Turkey is a hospitable country, you may have never been to Turkey before, but you've heard the Turkish people's hospitality. While planning a trip, it is important to get information about the people and culture of your destination. Turkish people are famous for their friendly nature. They warmly welcome every tourist. You can be sure that you will have new friends in Turkey.

Cheap Vacation

  • The other reason is the economy. If you are looking for a cheap and high-class holiday destination, you are in the right place. Every year millions of visitors prefer to go to Turkey due to the affordable price.

Turkish Food

  • Lastly, Turkish foods! Turkish cuisine consists of vibrant food culture. You will definitely enjoy the taste of traditional dishes. Do not miss the opportunity to taste Turkish desserts, kebabs, and delicious seafood. There are many restaurants in Marmaris offering great tastes.

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