Things To Do In Fethiye

Things To Do In Fethiye01-05-2021
Things To Do In FethiyeThings To Do
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Things To Do In Fethiye

Things To Do In Fethiye

Fethiye Overview

Fethiye is a district of Mugla Province, which has the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Fethiye is 50 km away from Dalaman Airport, where the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts and turquoise bays meet. Fethiye is built onto the old city of "Telmessos", where you can see the ruins and theatre in the city. Here is popular with its tourism opportunity and fantastic nature. The population of Fethiye is around 115,000, and it receives so many international visitors during the summer season. 

Today, Fethiye holiday resort is a popular destination with its unique atmosphere. The town has three marinas serving international and local visitors and cruise ships. You can find everything you may need here. Delicious restaurants, great nightlife, history and nature, incredible bays, traditional markets, day trips, events, and more opportunities are waiting to be discovered. Fethiye is probably the only city in the world where you can find temples and ruins on its streets.

Must-Visit Attractions in Fethiye

There are many natural beauties, historical places, unique bays and other must-see places in Fethiye. Below we have listed some of the most popular Fethiye Excursions for you.


Oludeniz is one of the most visited places in Turkey. With its fantastic beach, nature and turquoise clear waters, it has been a popular tourist destination for many years. "Babadag", where paragliders take off for an unforgettable flight, is located right here in the Oludeniz region. Oludeniz is 15 km from Fethiye city centre.


Another popular place in Fethiye is Hisaronu. It is a small town full of hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars and colourful nightlife. It is well known and loved by British citizens as there are more than 7000 settled British citizens in the area. Hisaronu is a town where nightlife is very active. Most of the bars and nightclubs in Fethiye are located here. Hisaronu is located between pine forests and 3 km from Oludeniz and 13 km from Fethiye city centre.

Calis Beach 

Calıs Beach is one of the most popular places in Fethiye, especially by visitors. Calis Beach, which is 7 km away on the west side of Fethiye, is an accommodation area preferred by holidaymakers. It is full of hotels, hostels and holiday rentals. Calis Beach is also known as the best spot to watch sunset view in Fethiye. With its long sandy beach, restaurants, bars, cafes, and famous nightlife, Calis Beach attracts more tourists every year.

Saklıkent Canyon

Saklıkent Canyon, which is 50 km away from Fethiye, is on the Muğla - Antalya provincial border. This magnificent canyon in Fethiye, which is 18 km in length and 600 m in height, is the second-largest canyon in Europe. It is a unique tourism centre offering mountaineering, trekking, and swimming opportunities for nature lovers with cliffs, plane trees, sparkling and enthusiastic spring waters.

Tlos Ancient City

Tlos is one of the oldest ancient cities of the Lycian region and its history is known to date back to 2000 BC. The ancient city of Tlos was built on the natural rocks of the acropolis and decorated with house-type tombs. Tlos Ancient City, which is among the historical places of Fethiye and a meeting point for history-loving travellers, hosts tens of thousands of foreign tourists every year with all its glory.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley, which is 6 km away from Oludeniz and surrounded by mountains at an average height of 350 meters, is famous for its butterflies seen in July-September. Butterfly Valley, is a truly worth visiting place with its waterfall that flows every season, wide beach, clean sea, and pink flowers. Transportation to this bay, which is a small paradise on earth, is provided by boats from Oludeniz. Butterfly Valley is known as the meeting place of world travellers, and there are camping areas, restaurants, bars, showers, cabins, etc., facilities are offered.

Things to Do in Fethiye

Besides having unique nature, there are many activities you can do in Fethiye. As Fethiye is popular with summer tourism, we can advise you on a lot of things to do in Fethiye, such as visiting magnificent bays and beaches, doing extreme sports, and joining daily tours. Here are some popular daily activities in Fethiye.

Fethiye Boat Trip:

  • By joining the Fethiye Boat Trip, you can explore the best bays of the Mediterranean Sea and visit famous places such as Butterfly Valley, Knight Island, St. Nicholas Island, Red Island, Cleopatra Bath. Fethiye boat tours have two different routes. You can visit the famous bays of Fethiye with boats departing from Fethiye harbour or join an alternative Oludeniz Boat Trip with boats departing from Oludeniz Harbour. By visiting our Fethiye Boat Trip page, you can see detailed information about these tours and the bays.

Fethiye Diving Tour:

  • Fethiye Diving Tour, which offers diving training and photography opportunities to those who want to explore the mysterious underwater species, awaits you for an adventurous underwater journey. You can visit our Fethiye Diving Tour page to join our scuba diving tour in Fethiye with professional divers.

Fethiye Paragliding:

  • Fethiye Paragliding is an excellent activity performed by thousands of adrenaline enthusiasts every year from a height of 1900 meters in Babadag, Fethiye. Babadag Mountain, which has four take-off runways, is one of the most important paragliding centres in the world. If you do not fear heights, it is an activity that you should do in Fethiye before leaving Turkey. You can visit our Fethiye Paragliding page to learn more about this adrenaline-filled flight.

Fethiye Jeep Safari:

  • An unforgettable day awaits you with the daily Fethiye Jeep Safari tour organized on a perfect route accompanied by professional guides. Fethiye Jeep safari offers you the opportunity to see Saklıkent, Tlos, Yakapark and Patara on the same day. You will have a fun time during the journey. You can learn more about this tour by visiting our Fethiye Jeep Safari page.

Except for these Fethiye excursions, you can review the information about dozens of daily Fethiye tours on our Fethiye daily tours page. During your Fethiye vacation, you can book online the adventure types that suit you best.

Night Life in Fethiye

Fethiye, which hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors worldwide, is a famous region with its nightlife and historical sites, natural beauties, and magnificent beaches. Nightlife in Fethiye is waiting to be discovered with its bars and entertainment centres located at many different points. Fethiye Nights, consisting of 4 different locations as Oludeniz Pubs Street, Calıs Pubs Street, Paspatur Pubs Street, and the most preferred Hisaronu Pubs Street, will be an alternative choice for your Fethiye vacation.

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